Ps4 vs Xbox One Bundles

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Is Xbox One Leading PS4 On Amazon for Preorders? Not really.…

32 thoughts on “Ps4 vs Xbox One Bundles

  1. I heard they will try to include the eye camera in the ps4 bundle still at 399 but who knows

  2. I havent heard anyone say that it wont come with the camera. But on, it doesn’t show it with one. But when you go into the photos of it, 2 of the photos has the camera with it. So Im not 100% but I think it is safe to say that it probably will since they want to use it to track the light bar on the controller to keep track of the position of you and the controller .

  3. I’m a PS4 fan, but to be fair, the XBOX One @ $499 comes with the camera while the PS4 @ $399 does not.  That being said, the PS4 camera is only $59 making it still the better deal.

  4. Why isn’t there more people talking about this, it’s annoying how them Xboyfagbox keep shouting in my face “Ohh the Xbone per-orders is exceeding the PS4.” when the truth is they are to lazy to do a little bit of research, stupid unwashed Potty-mouthed f**ks! Clear message by the way.

  5. fuck you, I own my own home and car and take care of myself, i’m not a spoiled child or “rich” unlike you I just worked hard and made wise decisions so now I have money to spend on the things I love.

  6. The PS4 sells more than Xbox One worldwide. It does in the USA because PS4 has more bundles and the Launch Edition of PS4 were sold out on a few hours. And PS4 sells more than Xbox One in Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italia, Spain & much more.

  7. Thats great you taught us about SKU numbers, but that doesn’t tell us anything.. Yes we can go off the assumption the PS SKU altogether might total more, but its not much help unless you tell us the numbers…

  8. Go check out a youtuber ReviewTechUSA,he has all the info and he has all the pre-orders from from differant states not only USA, ps4 is actually beating xbox one! FACT

  9. -And along with the Xbox one. My friend tried to preorder the Xbox one at like 3 different Gamestops, and all of them were sold out. The one he did manage to preorder it in, only had a few left. Also, this was right after E3, when the DRM restrictions and shit were still in place.

  10. Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox ONE !!!

  11. but do you guys even know that the launch day edition of ps4 is already sold out?? so people go else where to order their ps4 hence why xbone1 has more sales on amazon

  12. Its fucken crazy how some idiots are still defending and buying xbox one! i’m a 360 owner who’s glad to say i’m switching over to PS4!!!!!!!!!

  13. do keep in mind. is the US version of Xbox. Xbox is mainly popular in US. PS is more popular worldwide. PS3 has more total sales than Xbox360, But Xbox outsells PS in US.

  14. even tho numbers arent definite i think its safe to say PS4 is out selling Xbox as of now. Sony told retailers to go and take unlimited pre-orders, clearly there must be a high demand. Further more the top pre-ordered next-gen games are 1) Watchdogs (PS4), 2) Call of Duty: Ghost (PS4), and 3) Battlefield 4 (PS4)

  15. We still dont have numbers so what you’re saying is true, though not completely. We dont know the numbers so we dont know how much are actually being sold. So its not certain who is selling more.

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